For Foreign Citizens

Information for Foreign Citizens Coming to Study at Astrakhan State University

Address: Room #114 (the Unit of International Relations), 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.

Phone: + 7-8512-61-08-90, +7-8512-61-08-41 (from 09:00 a.m. to 05.30 p.m. of the local time, Mon-Fri).


How to Get to University:

From City Railway Station & Coach Station:

Buses #23 or 30;

Minibus Taxi #24, 57, 80, 90, or 92.

From City Airport:

Minibus Taxi #80.

For your accommodation in our hostel, please inform us of the precise date and time of your arrival in advance by the above phones or e-mail.

In case you have arrived on Saturday or on Sunday, or on a public holiday, or during non-office hours, or at night, please come into the dark blue building to the left of the Main Building of ASU (20 Tatischev Str., Hostel #3) to be accommodated.

Any foreign citizen arriving to study at ASU must have their passport, originals of their documents of education with appendices to them, originals of their medical certificates, and 7 photos 4*6 cm.

It is strongly recommended that you should be equipped properly for Astrakhan’s climate and that you have the necessary sum of money to cover your costs during your visit to the Russian Federation.

A candidate bears all the costs for arrangement of their meeting and transfer to the University, as well as for their purchase of a Russian medical insurance policy.

In accordance with the Russian migration legislation, a candidate must have arrived at Astrakhan State University not later than 20 days prior to expiration of their Russian student visa.

Astrakhan State University shall assume no obligations for accommodation of family members or other relatives of foreign citizens who come to study.

: 29-12-2017,