Our Main Fields of Research

# Field of Research Structural Units Supervisor

Social Humanitarian & Axiological Issues of Information Society Development

Chair of Philosophy L.V. Baeva

Humanitarian Aspects of Integration of General & Professional Education of Students of Village Schools

Chair of Pedagogics, Psychology, & Humanitarian Disciplines (Znamensk Branch of ASU)

T.V. Vorontsova

Synthesis of Systems of Ground Trials & Automated Systems to Process Data of Ground Trials of Complicated Systems

Chair of Mathematics & ICT (Znamensk Branch of ASU) V.I. Lobeyko

Theoretical & Experimental Research to Tackle Fundamental Issue “Structure – Spectrum – Properties” for Various Classes of Molecular Compounds of Biological & Non-Biological Origin

Znamensk Branch of ASU A.M. Likhter

Mathematics Modeling & ICT in Science & Education

Laboratory "Mathematical Modeling & ICT in Science & Education"

Yu.Yu. Tarasevich


Obtainment Technology, Structural & Electromagnetic Characteristics of New Classes of Functional Magnetic Materials

Center for Functional Magnetic Materials

V.K. Karpasyuk

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