ASU IsGoing toJoin Strategic Academic Leadership Programme

ASU IsGoing toJoin Strategic Academic Leadership Programme

Strategic session Technological Potential and Knowledge-Based Projects for Regional Economy has been held atAstrakhan State University. The meeting participants scientists and administrative staff members ofASU, partners ofthe university and representatives ofthe public authorities and industrial enterprises ofthe region outlined plans ofjoint work.

ASU Vice Rector for Research Activities Anna Fedotova told her colleagues about the key idea of the federal project and its acceptance criteria. As she says, the initiative is aimed at developing economy, science and education in Russian regions and creating breakthrough technologies in the country. According to the vice rector, Astrakhan State University has good chance for joining the programme if the regional authorities support them.

Konstantin Markelov stressed that the basic condition for participation in the Strategic Academic Leadership Programme is establishment of consortia with other universities, scientific institutions and real economy enterprises.

The regional needs, specificity and geographical location were taken into account in choosing the main areas for development of the university’s potential. These areas are the transport and logistics system, shipbuilding, agro-industrial complex and biodiversity. The meeting participants were divided into three groups to conduct a thorough study on the existing problems and to form a framework of activities for their solution.

The objectives of each speech session included identification of “gaps” in the current state of the university and the needs of the industry; determination of current challenges for the industry; drafting of top-priority projects for their inclusion into a specific portfolio of the university’s strategic academic leadership programme; presentation of the vision of infrastructure for support of the top-priority projects.

Experts from the regional business community highly appreciated today’s event and expressed their hope that the university would reach its objectives.

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