Astrakhan State University Welcomes Representatives ofáConsulate ofáTurkmenistan

Astrakhan State University Welcomes Representatives ofáConsulate ofáTurkmenistan

Today, onáSeptemberá11, ASU has welcomed Consul ofáTurkmenistan ináAstrakhan Guych Garaev and Vice Consul Nurymurat Rozydzhumaev. The guests were shown the university, met with Rector Konstantin Markelov and had aátalk with studentsጠtheir compatriots who came toástudy ináRussia.

The consulate representatives visited scientific and research laboratories of the university. Besides, the delegation was shown Teacher of the Future Centre, innovations of the ASU Scientific Library, the sophisticated equipment of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation and our swimming pool.

ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov reminded the Turkmen delegation of the fact that Astrakhan State University is a consolidating platform for cooperation both of the Caspian states and of the so-called Great Caspian region.

At the meeting, Konstantin Markelov told the guests about the ASU development strategy, the university’s cooperation with other countries, solid career prospects. They also learnt about the current projects of Astrakhan State University and those that are being developed now.

Guych Garaev expressed his gratitude to the ASU administration for their truly fatherlike care of the Turkmen students. It should be noted that the university trains 1,245 citizens of this Caspian state.

The meeting participants outlined tracks of development of further cooperation between Astrakhan State University and Turkmenistan.

Addressing the students that came from Turkmenistan to Astrakhan State University, Guych Garaev noted that the studies must be the most important activity for them now.

The consul praised the activists and urged the students to comply with the laws, to show respect to women and to refrain from inconsiderate acts.

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