ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov Debuts atDavydov.Index Ranking

ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov Debuts atDavydov.Index Ranking

The expert network has published top-50 chiefs ofRussian HEIs who were mentioned inthe media inSeptember 2020.

Konstantin Markelov ranked 20th: last month, according to the St. Petersburg Politics Foundation and Davydov.Index, his name was mentioned in the media 23 times.

Konstantin Markelov has been heading Astrakhan State University since February 2018, and in August 2019 he was officially appointed to the position of ASU rector for the period of 5 years.

From the very beginning of his work for the university, Konstantin Markelov has been keeping to the policy of information openness, maintaining his personal accounts in social media. A special open online community has been functioning since March 2020, where ASU students and professors can send their proposals on improving the study process and university life in general. The rector answers the questions himself and literally keeps his finger on the pulse of university life.

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