Konstantin Markelov Describes Third Mission ofAstrakhan State University

Konstantin Markelov Describes Third Mission ofAstrakhan State University

Today, onNovember27, the ASU rector has participated inadiscussion within educational online forum Our People for student volunteering leaders.

The online meeting involved representatives of the volunteering community, students and staff members of HEIs and vocational education institutions that actively promote the point that “an educational institution is a centre of region’s social innovations».

The experts shared their experience and knowledge on how to turn an educational institution into a driver of positive changes and what steps should be taken by organizations that share the values of the “third mission”.

For example, the ASU rector supported his colleagues’ opinion that the pandemic allowed to look at lots of initiatives from a different angle. Another area the ASU rector talked about was scientific projects, developed by the students.

Konstantin Markelov also told his colleagues about the work with orphan children, in particular about a large-scale meeting of orphanage leavers, held last year at Astrakhan State University, and established organization “Children of All Russia”, headed by ASU alumnus Albert Sarbalaev.

Answering the question on how to develop the “third mission” in vocational education institutions, Konstantin Markelov told the participants how students of Astrakhan State University and of the ASU College jointly participate in projects, implemented in the city.

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