Adaptation Week for Newly-Enrolled Students


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An adaptation week for newly-enrolled students has taken place at the Department of Psychology of Astrakhan State University.

The event aimed to involve first-year-students in active student life, so that they learnt a lot about the University and its Department of Psychology, as well as about specific features of university studies. A whole series of special trainings, master classes, seminars, presentations, and excursions has been arranged for them.

The adaptation week has been opened with an information block that included a number of presentation seminars related to students’ rights and duties. Professor Boris Kaygorodov, Dean of the Department of Psychology, and staff of the Dean’s office have informed the young people of specific features of the educational process at ASU, about its grading assessment system, and about special grants for successful students. Ms. Anastasia Zoschuk, Commissioner for Students’ Rights in Astrakhan Region and a graduate of ASU’s Department of Psychology, has been a special guest at the adaptation week; she told the young people about her everyday activities to protect students’ rights.

The newly-admitted young people have also been informed of student unions that operate at our University to arrange students’ extracurricular activities and participate in arrangement of a high-quality educational process at ASU.

An ability of efficient self-presentation and time management is an essential constituent of a modern student’s success. Special master classes delivered by the faculty of the Department have concerned the formation of these two crucial qualities.

“Friendship begins with a smile”, this formula of long-term productive relations between peers has been the foundation of friends-making training arranged by Dr. Yulia Kuznetsova, Head of the Chair of Conflict Studies & Organizational Psychology. As for a psychological relief, there is a gym at the Department to provide it for our students. Moreover, a merry and a cheerful music helps them get rid of emotional constraints at dancing classes (disco and Brazilian samba) taught by professional trainers.

Knowledge of the necessary information is another constituent of a present-day person’s success, so students ought to learn how to apply electronic resources most efficiently. Our first-year-students have learnt about the web portal of our University and about its affiliate educational portal, as well as about techniques to find the necessary information promptly there. The young people have been on an excursion of the Main Building of ASU; they learnt about the history of ASU and about its present-day life.

The excursion was continued with a tour to the University Center of Correction & Development that is the base for our Chair of Applied Psychology. The virtual tour arranged by the staff of the Chair and of the Center has provided a lot of information about software and hardware to make psychodiagnostic examinations promptly.

The party game “Mafia” arranged by the Gulf Stream team has been one of the brightest moments of the adaptation week. The Gulf Stream team has been cooperating with our University for a long time; it delivers master classes and training programs for our students; it offers vacancies to our best alumni.

The final stage of the adaptation week has been as creative as its initial events. The students composed cinquains, selected associations to match their moods, completed unfinished phrases, wrote their wishes on each other’s palms, and wrote themselves letters to the future.

Completing the short, but very informative week, the newly-enrolled first-year-students confessed that that this week was of great value for them, as they learnt so much. They thanked organizers of this week – all those who developed and delivered the whole agenda of these unforgettable five days, which have become both the end of summer and the beginning of the student period of their lives, which is still unexplored, but which is already so interesting for them.

Russian original information and photo source: the Department of Psychology of ASU

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (the Center of Translation Studies & Conference Interpreting “ASTLINK” of ASU)

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