Chronicle of Forum of Foreign Students at ASU


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The 3rd Caspian Forum of Foreign Students is currently taking place at Astrakhan State University.

The Forum of Foreign Students, which has already become a good tradition of our University, has an eventful educational and cultural agenda. Students from a number of Middle Eastern and ex-USSR countries are taking part in it now. The 2nd day of the Forum has begun with a trip to the University Technopark, which the participants could learn much about realization of the main principles of the Worldwide CDIO Initiative, which is being introduced at ASU successfully.

Professor Marina Lazko has arranged a business game for them to create a recipe of a unique dairy product. The participants were to pass through the four CDIO main stages: Conceive — Design — Implement — Operate. They were broken down into teams, and each participant had particular duties. As a result of their teamwork, the students have developed a line of useful dairy products; they have presented recipes of vegetable yogurts and nutritious cocktails. It was product sampling that has been the final stage of the participants’ teamwork. Wishing to attract their potential customers’ attention to their products, the students have improvised a whole campaign to market the products they have developed; they invented names and taglines for them.

In the afternoon, the foreign students took part in educational sessions at the University Center of Creative Industries to make traditional dolls and pottery; they have also been to the Art Salon, where they tried their skills in painting and in lithography.

At the end of the eventful day, there has been the concert “Peoples’ Friendship” and an exhibition of works of art by students of our Department of Architecture & Design. Our foreign guests have also watched our students’ cheerleading team and visited our Collective Application Center to Create Multimedia Content with Virtual Reality Elements. Bright and interesting concert numbers have left nobody indifferent. Our students’ scene and vocal skills have proved that our University is a unique site for self-realization, and their teamwork provides real results.

 On September 04, which is the last day of the Forum, our foreign guests will go to the Beryozka Camp of Recreation & Education. A tight and eventful agenda awaits them: a master class in international etiquette and a workshop in Cognitive Psychology related to goal achievement. After the educational part, there will be the official ceremony of closing the 3rd Caspian Forum of Foreign Students.


Russian original information source: Dmitriy Bychkov (the Press Service of ASU)

Russian original photo source: Tatyana Antropova (the TV Media Center of ASU)

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (the Center of Translation Studies & Conference Interpreting “ASTLINK” of ASU)

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