To Commemorate Velimir Khlebnikov, Great Russian Poet


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In middle September 2015, the 12th International Velimir Khlebnikov Readings is taking place at Astrakhan State University. This event is dedicated to the 130th anniversary since the great poet’s birth.

The Conference “Velimir Khlebnikov and World Artistic Culture” is a traditional scientific event that has been held at our Department of Philology & Journalism since 1984. Twenty-one years ago, it was initiated by Professor Gennady Glinin, the then Vice Rector for Research Activities and a Doctor of Letters. As for the current Conference, the range of its participants includes delegates from the United States, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as from a large number of Russian cities.

Professor Anna Fedotova, our Vice Rector for Research Activities, has given a welcoming speech. She has remarked that Velimir Khlebnikov is one of the best-known and most outstanding people of Astrakhan, and that it is he thanks to whom our city is known worldwide. Prof. Fedotova has emphasized the fact that poetry by Velimir Khlebnikov is of profound interest for both mature philologists and young students.

The first part of the Plenary Session was dedicated to the presentation of a publishing project. Prof. Olga Egorova, Director of our Institute of Language & Communicative Business Strategies, and Prof. Mikhail Egorov, Head of our Chair of Biotechnology, Zoology & Aquaculture, have presented the album “Marina Mniszech” by Velimir Khlebnikov (based on graphics, watercolors, poetic texts, and experience in comparative analysis of artistic works by Velimir Khlebnikov, Gennady Glinin, and Stepan Botiev)”. Prof. Olga Egorova has pointed out that the album combines graphics, poetic texts, and a literary analysis of Khlebnikov’s poem, which makes it possible to reveal “an additional aesthetic value”.

Prof. Lyudmila Kasyanova, Dean of our Department of Philology & Journalism, has presented video sketches made by her students and dedicated to Khlebnikov’s life and works of art. The first demonstration of the video sketches “Poet of Swan Country” and “Shadow of Khlebnikov” has shown how profoundly our students have tried to penetrate Velimir Khlebnikov’s biography and poetic heritage.

There has been a video conference with the Turgenev Library in Paris. Ms. Hélène Kaplan, Secretary-General of the Turgenev Library, has told what books by Velimir Khlebnikov and what artistic works related to futurism the Library has. According to her, European scholars’ and readers’ interest towards the Russian avant-garde is constantly rising; new interesting researches emerge, and earlier unknown research findings are revealed. Ms. Kaplan has wished collections of works by the participants of the Velimir Khlebnikov Readings held at ASU contributed to the book stock of the Turgenev Library in Paris.

The range of speakers at the Plenary Session has also included:

  • Prof. Vladimir Novikov from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia);
  • Prof. Jean-Philippe Jaccard from the University of Geneva (Switzerland);
  • Mr. Alexander Parnis (a well-known Russian researcher of Khlebnikov’s biography and artistic works);
  • Prof. Ronald Vroon from the University of California (Los Angeles, USA);
  • Prof. Sergey Kibalnik from the Institute of Russian Literature (St.-Petersburg, Russia);
  • Ms. Valeria Akulova, who administers the web site “Velimir Khlebnikov’s World” (St.-Petersburg, Russia);
  • Prof. Gabriella Elina Imposti from the University of Bologna (Italy);
  • Prof. Sergey Vassilyev from Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Their reports have presented findings of their researches of the avant-garde poetics in works by Velimir Khlebnikov and revealed links between Khlebnikov’s works and the overall Russian literature and the world culture.

The exhibition of books and electronic materials “Chairman of the Globe Republic” has been arranged at the Scientific Library of ASU.

The 12th International Velimir Khlebnikov Readings have been continued with section meetings. An excursion of the city of Astrakhan and a literature veranda at the Velimir Khlebnikov Home Museum are awaiting the participants of the Conference, as well as a musical lounge at the art café of Astrakhan State Philharmony, where a piano concert by Ilse Wöllhaf (Geneva, Switzerland) is to take place. A collection of the participants’ research works has already been published. Thus, Astrakhan State University remains one of the world’s centers of studies of artistic works by Velimir Khlebnikov.

Russian original information source: D.M. Bychkov (the Press Service of ASU)

Russian original photo source: I.V. Vorontsov (the TV Media Center of ASU)

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (the Center of Translation Studies & Conference Interpreting “ASTLINK” of ASU)

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