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Astrakhan State University takes part in the Caspian Media Forum.

The event is taking place in Astrakhan on Sept. 16-20, 2015. The range of its participants includes journalists, experts, and reps of media from the five Caspian littoral states, as well as students and faculty of our University. At the official opening ceremony, Mr. Alexander Zhilkin, Governor of Astrakhan Region, has remarked that an idea to arrange such an event emerged a year ago to become true this autumn. He reminded that the first Astrakhan newspaper “Vostochnye Izvestiya” (“Oriental News”) was published over 200 years ago, which was the initial point in the history of regional media resources. As for Mr. Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, he has pointed out that the media market is becoming an independent industry in the present-day rapidly changing world.

It was Dr. Olga Vorontsova, Director of the Collective Application Center to Create Multimedia Content with Virtual Reality Elements that operates at our University, who was one of the Plenary Session speakers. In her speech, she has covered issues related to implementation of the practice-oriented approach at our Department of Philology & Journalism to train future specialists in the media industry. As Dr. Vorontsova says, integrated academic assignments make it possible for students not only develop their own media products, but also encourage them to absorb in their professional activities more profoundly. There is a whole number of our students’ media projects to illustrate the main point of her speech – the youth talk show “Apple of Discord”, a cycle of students’ TV programs “To Be Filmed” and “My Universities”, interviews, reportages, and social advertising, the authors’ photos exhibition “This Is How We See”, an artistic salon of students’ amateur newspapers, and groups in social networks. “The very specifics of training a future media specialist requires regular and promising sites to publish materials. That’s why we believe an idea to set up an international youth editorial board of the Caspian littoral states is particularly essential. That’ll help young journalists share their experience and enhance their professional level”, Dr. Vorontsova summarized her speech.

Students of our Department of Philology & Journalism are actively involved in the Forum as its press center staff, as participants of master classes, and as volunteers. Thus, the Caspian Media Forum has become a site to discuss relevant issues of mass media.

Russian original information and photo source: Dmitriy Bychkov (the Press Service of ASU)

Russian original photo source:

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (the Center of Translation Studies & Conference Interpreting “ASTLINK” of ASU)

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