Our Department of Pedagogics & Social Work Cooperates with Astrakhan Regional Museum


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The Department of Pedagogics & Social Work of Astrakhan State University has received a letter of thanks from the management of Astrakhan Regional Museum that preserves and exhibits numerous artifacts related to the history and culture of our Region.

The Department of Pedagogics & Social Work of ASU took part in the “Folk Crafts” student socialization project by presenting its development “Replication of Archaeological Artifacts”. A project group of our students decided to reconstruct something related to everyday life of the peoples that used to live in Astrakhan Region. They requested Astrakhan Regional Museum for help. Director and staff of the Museum backed the young people and proposed a whole program to them; the program included excursions, lectures in Archaeology, and studies of ancient Sarmatian earthenware. As a result, the students brought out a set of earthenware imitating the specimens of the Sarmatian period. The Department donated this development to the Museum.

ФПиСР сотрудничает с астраханским музеем

In an official setting, Director of the Museum handed the letters of thanks to the Dean of the Department and to our students. The project participants could also learn much about the collection of weapons and ammunition of various epochs in the Armory Room of the Museum and enjoy the splendid collection of ancient jewelry “Gold of Nomads”.

The Astrakhan Regional Museum and the Department of Pedagogics & Social Work of ASU agreed about their further cooperation.

Russian original information and photo source: the Department of Pedagogics & Social Work of ASU

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (REC “Caspian Higher School of Interpreting & Translation” of ASU)

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