Another Success of our Roboticists in Moscow


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The Festival in Robotics National Games of Robots has been held in Moscow; the team of Astrakhan State University has performed at it successfully.

72 teams contested in various nominations. The team of ASU that included Mikhail Ilmenskiy and Ivan Kolesnikov presented four robots: the PucksHarvester-1 and the PucksHarvester-2 (for the category “Robo Sorting”), the Killdozer (for the category “Mega Sumo”), and the Neuro-bulldozer (for the category “Neuro Sumo”). As a result, our students got a golden (the PucksHarvester 2) and three silver (the PucksHarvester 1, the Killdozer, and the Neuro-bulldozer) medals.


Let us congratulate Ivan and Mikhail and wish them to gain new victories!

Russian original information and photo source: the Directorate of Research & Innovative Activities of ASU

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (REC “Caspian Higher School of Interpreting & Translation” of ASU)

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