Our Students Visit First Solar Power Station of Astrakhan Region


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Students of the Department of Physics & Technology of Astrakhan State University have visited the Zavodskaya Solar Power Station that was built in Astrakhan Region not long ago.

Студенты ФТФ посетили первую в регионе солнечную электростанцию

The group of our students included future bachelors covering the 3rd or the 4th year of their studies and specializing in power engineering. As their syllabus includes such a discipline as Alternative Energy, it was interesting for them to see the 15-MW solar power station working.

When they arrived at the facility, its Chief Engineer and other members of staff showed them the photoelectric modules, the power equipment, and the control systems. The photoelectric modules produce energy as DC, which is transformed into high-voltage AC via the inverter and the step-up transformer; the distributor directs produced energy to the power supply system. Several other facilities based on renewable sources of energy are to be constructed and put into operation in Astrakhan Region in the short-term run.

Студенты ФТФ посетили первую в регионе солнечную электростанцию

This excursion provided our students with a lot of useful information that will definitely be applied in their further professional activities.

Russian original information source: A. Mustafin (the Department of Physics & Technology of ASU)

Russian original photo source: the above-mentioned students

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (REC “Caspian Higher School of Interpreting & Translation” of ASU)

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