Costume for Teachers Designed at ASU

Costume for Teachers Designed at ASU

The Department of Pedagogics & Social Work has presented its development of a transformer costume for teachers. Its designers considered with specifics of Astrakhan Regions climate.

Our students are learning how to design clothes and find the appropriate technological solutions to turn their ideas into real products.

As it is well known, weather is unstable in Astrakhan. Within the same day, it may be both cold and hot. To help teachers get rid of extra clothes that they have to keep at hand, our students developed a transformer costume: a jacket turns into a vest, while a long skirt becomes a midi skirt. It resembles petals of lotus, which is a symbol of Astrakhan Region. One should also mention a splendid combination of grey and pink: grey is an ideal background color, while pink is a color of tenderness, coquetry, and femininity. A costume with such a color combination will be suitable at both work and various unofficial events.

Russian original information and photo source: the Department of Pedagogics & Social Work of ASU

Translated by E.I. Glinchevskiy (REC “Caspian Higher School of Interpreting & Translation” of ASU)