ASU Expert Speaks about International Friendship inthe Regional Duma

ASU Expert Speaks about International Friendship inthe Regional Duma

Participants ofthe 3rd Russian-Uzbek Youth Forum, organized, among others, byAstrakhan State University, visited the Astrakhan Region Duma, where they discussed educational projects oftwo countries.

The participants were welcomed by Tatyana Seliverstova, Vice President of the Russian Union of Youth, and Ilmira Utalieva, President of the Duma Committee for Education, Culture, Science, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism.

The topic of importance of academic cooperation of two countries for development of territories in geopolitics of the 21st century was covered by Prof. Olga Egorova, Doctor of Letters who heads the Project Office of International Cooperation & Development. She stressed that a lot of areas need well-trained professionals, that is why universities are becoming full participants of the international relations. The ASU representative outlined prospects of cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan that imply signing of new agreements and initiation of efficient relations.

Let us note that Astrakhan State University has been cooperating with the Republic of Uzbekistan since 2008, and about 350 Uzbek citizens study at Astrakhan universities.

Eldor Tulyakov, a deputy and a member of the Commission for Youth Issues of the Legislative Chamber in the Uzbekistan Supreme Assembly, spoke about development of the youth institution by introducing new pedagogical technologies — interactive educational programmes and training courses.

New approaches to training professionals in the governmental and non-governmental sectors of administration were described in a report by Zarina Lukhmanova, a Senior Specialist of the Information & Analytics Department of the Institute of Youth Studies and Training of Promising Specialists under the Uzbek President Academy of the Public Administration.

Kseniya Tyurenkova, Deputy Director of the Centre of International and Sociopolitical Studies «Caspian Region — Eurasia» told the participants about new vectors of cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan.

The participants also touched upon the issues of professional training of young businessmen, development of humanitarian ties between universities of two countries and work with active young people.

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