ASU Meets Guests from Mangystau College ofTourism

ASU Meets Guests from Mangystau College ofTourism

Students from Kazakhstan, who came toAstrakhan State University toundertake alanguage course, were shown the main building ofthe university.

The foreign guests took the course from January, 28 to February, 2 at the Department of English Language for Humanities. Within the training course, ASU teachers gave practical classes in English and country studies and organized a virtual tour around Astrakhan region in English.

The Unit of International Cooperation in Implementation of International Projects, in their turn, organized an introductory tour for the university guests — they visited the Innovative Technological Center to Create Multimedia Content, Scientific Library, Sports Centre and a number of scientific and educational units of the university.

After the excursion, a few Kazakhstani students expressed their desire for studying at ASU.

Project Office of International Cooperation & Development