Konstantin Markelov Congratulates ASU Women onTheir Holiday

Konstantin Markelov Congratulates ASU Women onTheir Holiday

Dear employees and students ofAstrakhan State University! Iwholeheartedly congratulate you onInternational Women's Day.

On this wonderful day, when spring, the brightest and lightest season of the year, is finally coming, we men are glad to thank you once again just for being who you are. Thank you, dear ladies, for your wisdom, sympathy, for the light of your wonderful eyes, for joy and happiness you bring, for your intelligence and talents. You make this world brighter and kinder, you have an amazing talent to combine household chores and professional activities.

I’m glad that you build your career and reach new heights in Astrakhan State University. I’m sure that all your initiatives will succeed, and the male part of our university will support you and lend their shoulders.

May you always stay beautiful and wise! I wish you the good and light, health and joy. May every spring day bring pleasant surprises, may your friends and family be always with you. And may Her Majesty Love dawn your destiny!

Konstantin Markelov, the Acting Rector of Astrakhan State University