ASU Researchers Are Involved inElaborating the Development Strategy

ASU Researchers Are Involved inElaborating the Development Strategy

Astrakhan has hosted aninter-industry strategic session, where representatives ofregional authorities, researchers and industrialists took part inabusiness game todevelop initiatives onforming the Strategy for Socioeconomic Development ofAstrakhan Region.

The meeting brought together three expert boards — industrialists, agrarians and ecologists. Astrakhan State University was represented by Anna Fedotova, the Vice-Rector for Research Activities, Aleksey Rybakov, the Director of the Institute of Physics & Mathematics, Ravil Arykbaev, the Dean of the Faculty of Agribusiness, Technologies & Veterinary Medicine, and Nikolay Shuvaev, the Head of the Department of Ecology, Nature & Land Management & Safe Vital Activities.

The strategic session is aimed at helping industrialists, ecologists and agrarians to develop joint decisions on topical issues. As these three areas intersect by many parameters, the necessity of holding such a meeting became obvious. The participants formed three blocks and took part in a business game, discussing a plenty of sensible urgent topics.

Representatives of the regional ministries moderated the discussion and were its active participants, in particular Aleksey Galkin, the Acting Deputy Chair of the Regional Government and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Astrakhan region, public officers of the Ministry of Industry and the Astrakhan Department for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection.

At the end of the meeting, the participants stressed the efficiency of such a format of activities and expressed a collective wish to consider the results of the inter-industry strategic session in the development of the Strategy for Socioeconomic Development of Astrakhan Region by 2035.

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Photo: courtesy of Aleksey Rybakov