ASU Students Get First-Hand Information onNotarial Paperwork

ASU Students Get First-Hand Information onNotarial Paperwork

The Law Faculty ofAstrakhan State University has held around-table discussion "Notarys Role inCivil and Family Law".

The event was attended by 4th-year students of the major "Civil Law" and teachers of the Department of Civil Law Ekaterina Mityachkina and Gulnara Dzumagazieva. The round-table discussion also sparked the interest of representatives of the Faculty of World Economy & Management who were pleased to take part in the event.

One of the students prepared an interesting presentation on a prenuptial agreement and told the audience about the procedure of its conclusion and termination.

The topic "Maintenance Arrangement", which is quite urgent for our times, sparked the interest of the audience and provoked a number of relevant questions. The students also dwelled on a topic of notary’s participation in the procedure of juveniles’ travel out of the Russian Federation.

The outcome of the meeting was an announcement of new laws, related to notarial activities, and a speech by a notary Sabilya Yakubova on new developments in the notarial system. She thanked the students for their participation in the discussion and proposed to hold a similar meeting on other important and urgent issues of civil law.

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