ASU Students Are Invited toWork atVillage Schools

ASU Students Are Invited toWork atVillage Schools

Dmitry Zaplavnov, the Head ofthe Chernoyarsky District, has met with students ofAstrakhan State University and suggested that the future teachers ofprimary school, ofComputer Science, foreign languages, Russian and Literature consider the possibility toget employed inhis municipal entity.

According to the guest, today one of the main problems in the sphere of education is pedagogical staff aging. That is why Dmitry Zaplavnov’s visit was aimed at involving young teachers to work in the Chernoyarsky District. As the official says, a good incentive for working in regional villages is free accommodation in dwellings with all the modern amenities.

During the meeting, Dmitry Zaplavnov told the students about advantages of municipal education, as well as the history of his life.

According to Dmitry Zaplavnov, today schools of the Ushakovka, Poda, Stanitsa, Kamenny Yar and Stupino villages are in great need of teachers of primary school, of foreign languages, Russian, Literature, Maths and other subjects. Therefore, if the students who will graduate from ASU this June decide to start their career path in an educational institution of the Chernoyarsky District, they will be able to choose not only a relevant school but also a furnished house.

The guest also reminded that on February 20, 2019, during the Annual Address to the Federal Assembly, RF President Vladimir Putin proposed to develop a programme on supporting teachers in small settlements. The project titled “Village Teacher” may be launched as early as next year.

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