Astrakhan State University Students Participate inNowruz Celebration

Astrakhan State University Students Participate inNowruz Celebration

OnApril13, the Astrakhan Central Stadium hosted enevent, dedicated tothe festival ofspring. Itwas attended, among other guests, byparticipants ofthe ASU School ofInterethnic Journalism.

Nowruz has already become a traditional nationwide celebration which has integrated quite harmoniously into modern life, preserving the continuance of the traditions and customs.

The guests learnt about peculiarities of celebrating Nowruz from Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, Nogais, Turkmen, Tatars and Uzbeks. Each nation had a special area were they presented their original culture. The event programme included tasting of national dishes, performances by artistic teams, exhibitions of houseware, costumes and other everyday items. There were special photo zones for those who wanted to capture this wonderful celebration, diving into the history of these nations and even trying on a national costume.

Today, Nowruz is of great value for all the nations living in Astrakhan region, and it not only unites people but also creates a dialogue of cultures.

All the photo reportages, reports and video, made that day by the participants of the School of Interethnic Journalism, were published on the federal website of the Interethnic Journalism Guild marked “Nowruz in Astrakhan”.

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