ASU Holds a Discussion on Philosophical Issues of Infosphere Development

ASU Holds a Discussion on Philosophical Issues of Infosphere Development

Astrakhan State University has held the scientific youth conference “Phenomenon of Human: from Classics to Digital Era”, organized by the Department of Philosophy of the ASU Faculty of Social Communications and the Astrakhan Office of the Russian Philosophical Society.

The conference brought together students of ASU, the Astrakhan Branch of Saratov State Academy of Law and the Caspian Institute of Marine and River Transport (Astrakhan Branch of the Volga State University of Water Transport).

The programme scope mainly covered philosophical issues of information space development: e-culture values, cyber- and post-human, philosophy of computer games, game and Internet addiction, digital inequality, preservation of cultural heritage in the digital space and a lot more.

For the first time the event was virtually attended by teachers and Master’s degree students of the Comrat State University, located in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia. They participated in a discussion on modern issues of informatization, digitalization of culture and human lifeworld.

In summing up of the conference, Lyudmila Baeva, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Communications, noted that IT had allowed to unite Astrakhan, Moscow and Moldova within this conference, which indicated their significant role in the development of modern scientific communication. Nevertheless, the issue of infosphere influence on humans and their values is still quite urgent and pressing under the conditions of increasing cyber-addictions, cyber-threats and involvement of youth in life-threatening communities, which requires further research.

Faculty of Social Communications

Photo: Directorate of Information Policy