Rector Konstantin Markelov Congratulates ASU onVictory Day

Rector Konstantin Markelov Congratulates ASU onVictory Day

Dear colleagues and students ofAstrakhan State University! Dear veterans! Please accept mycongratulations onthe most memorable day for our country Great Victory Day.

On May 9, we remember the inimitable feat of the Soviet people, who joined their efforts to defend their Motherland from the fascist aggressors. These are great years in the history of our country, and all succeeding generations ought to cherish the memory of that terrible war and learn the history lessons in order to value peaceful skies, kept safe by our grandparents and great-grandparents for us.

We bow down before all the veterans, homefront workers, war children who contributed to the national victory. The faith in your country and people and love for the Fatherland are top-priorities for you. These values still unite us, and I am sure they always will be spiritual bonds of our society.

Paying immeasurable tribute of profound respect for those who passed this hardship, I congratulate all of you with the day that has become a symbol of indissoluble unity and pride of our Great Motherland!

Happy Victory Day!

Konstantin Markelov, Acting Rector of Astrakhan State University