Astrakhan State University Brings Together Its Bards Again

Astrakhan State University Brings Together Its Bards Again

Another concert ofthe revived bard club ofASU was held onMay 6and was dedicated tothe upcoming Victory Day.

The meeting of bard fans was called "War and Peace". The concert extensive programme included both classical bard songs of Bulat Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky and Yuri Vizbor as well as less known songs that uncovered not so heroic but dark and grievous pages of the national history to the listeners.

The level of the ASU bard club members’ mastery is notably increasing with each concert, and every time the performers find new ways to surprise their appreciative audience. A special feature of that concert was participation of accompanier Vladimir Ermolov, a friend of our university. His music added new colours to well-known songs and gave more confidence to the performers.

Both ASU teachers, students and the university’s guests were honoured to sing at the celebration concert. By tradition, ASU Acting Rector Konstantin Markelov also took the guitar to sing a couple of songs.

The finale of the concert "War and Peace" was Mikhail Nozhkin’s song "Immortal March", sung by ASU Psychology students together with the whole audience.

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