ASU Theatre ofFashion isAmong Prize Winners ofanAll-Russia Competition

ASU Theatre ofFashion isAmong Prize Winners ofanAll-Russia Competition

The student theatre offashion "Caspian Phantom" ofthe ASU Faculty ofPedagogics &Social Work participated inthe all-Russia grant competition ofthe performance art "Seagull" inDagomys.

The competition was organized by the cultural foundation "Scarlet Sails". It gathered 35 best performance groups from different regions of Russia.

The number "My region. Birth", which reflected one of the legends on lotus appearance in Astrakhan region, was put on the stage under the guidance of Aleksandr Borodin, a teacher of the ASU Faculty of Pedagogics & Social Work. The participants prepared the number for a long time: the students made sketches themselves, created images, made costumes and headwear for six months.

The theatre of fashion "Caspian Phantom" honorably presented their collection and acquainted the competition guests with the history of Astrakhan region. The jury marked out this interesting and unusual performance and ranked the Astrakhan team third. They also handed in certificates of gratitude to the theatre group director and ASU Acting Rector Konstantin Markelov for his support of the youth art.

Faculty of Pedagogics & Social Work