AnASU Professor Gives Lectures toItalian Students

AnASU Professor Gives Lectures toItalian Students

The Department ofBiotechnology, Zoology &Aquaculture ofthe ASU Biological Faculty actively cooperates with the Polytechnic University ofBari (Politecnico diBari), Italy.

In early May 2019, Mikhail Egorov, the Head of the Department of Biotechnology, Zoology & Aquaculture, gave lectures and practical classes at the partner university within the framework of the Erasmus+ project.

The course in eco-biotechnology and water resources for 3rd-year BA students, taking the programme "Engineering and Natural Sciences", was dedicated to the issues of wastewater biological treatment. Prof. Egorov presented relevant materials that demonstrated the main principles of the classification and modern outlooks in the sphere of wastewater biological treatment technology.

During his visit to Bari, Mikhail Egorov met with Umberto Fratino, the Head of the Department of Civil, Environmental, Land, Building Engineering and Chemistry, and Rosilda Sammarco, the Head of the International Relations Office. The meetings will result in determining a strategy for development of joint academic and cultural relations and environmental protection and eco-biotechnology projects between ASU and its Italian partner for the next two years.

The Erasmus+ project implementation will allow to sign a cooperation agreement between the universities and then to develop a double-degree Ph.D. programme of ASU and the Polytechnic University of Bari in biotechnology / engineering technology for environmental protection.

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