ASU Students and Teachers Are Active inWorking onNTI Projects

ASU Students and Teachers Are Active inWorking onNTI Projects

Astrakhan State University has been engaged inproject activities within the framework ofthe implementation ofthe intensive training course University ofthe National Technology Initiative20.35. More than 230 students ofdifferent ASU majors joined the project inApril 2019.

The University of the National Technology Initiative 20.35 is the first Russian university that ensures professional development in digital economy. Astrakhan State University has become a participant of the long-term integrated programme implementation. The intensive course is designed for training highly skilled experts that are able to address complex, unusual and creative tasks, professional and comprehensive self-growth, creation and commercialization of their own projects.

The first stage of the course implied the students’ involvement into the new educational format. The selected participants met with the members of the ASU National Technology Initiative working group, passed the stage of forming individual educational paths, orientation of formulating educational hypotheses by the course participants, testing of the University 20.35 services and primary formulation of ideas.

The second stage included classes with the teams in the outlined areas and a launch of the project work.

Now the participants are undergoing the third stage and are actively working on their projects which are also being assessed and improved with regard to the comments made by the industrial partners and invited experts.

The fourth stage of the course will imply the final event of the competition — presentation of the projects.

Upon successful completion of the course and finalization of the project activities, the participants will receive an advanced training certificate “Soft Skills & Project Thinking in the Context of National Technology Initiative”.

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