Astrakhan State University Launches 2019 Admission Campaign

Astrakhan State University Launches 2019 Admission Campaign

From June3, our prospective students can submit documents for the intramural form ofstudies. The first week ofthe admission campaign has already seen more than 100 persons wishing tobecome ASU students.

In 2019, Astrakhan State University offers more than 120 programmes of higher education (Bachelor, Specialist, Master), about 70 Ph.D. programmes and more that 10 secondary vocational programmes. Documents can be submitted for intramural, extramural and combined forms of studies.

This year, the number of state-funded places is more than in 2018 and is about 2,000 (last year, the number was 1,692).

The average score of the Unified State Exam of the applicants, enrolled at Astrakhan State University, is 63.8, though at some faculties (in particular, the Faculty of Foreign Languages) it is even higher.

Applicants still have time to submit their documents to the ASU Admission Campaign Office until July 26. However, the period is slightly shortened for those who are to pass an artistic o professional exam, i.e. for the applicants who will take the programmes "Design", "Architecture", "Journalism", "Physical Training" and "Primary and Supplementary Education" (the submission deadline is July 7), as well as for those who are enrolled at the university upon the results of the examinations held at ASU (the deadline for these students is July 10).

The most up-to-date information on the document submission deadlines, dates of examinations, the list of programmes offered by the university, necessary documents for submission, the number of state-funded places and the number of the applications already submitted is available on the official website of ASU in the section "2019 Admission Campaign". Besides, do not hesitate to ask any questions to specialists of the ASU Admission Campaign Office:

8 (8512) 24-64-07 — questions on document submission for Bachelor and Specialist programmes;

8 (8512) 24-64-32 — questions on document submission for Master programmes;

8 (8512) 24-64-89 — questions on document submission for Ph.D. programmes;

8 (8512) 24-64-08 — questions on document submission for secondary vocational education programmes;

8 (8512) 24-64-31 — questions on enrollment of foreign citizens and stateless persons;

8 (8512) 24-64-07 — questions on conclusion of paid educational services contracts.

Secretary-in-charge at the ASU Admission Campaign Office: 8 (8512) 24-64-09.

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