ASU Student Psychological Service Sums Upthe First Results ofIts Work

ASU Student Psychological Service Sums Upthe First Results ofIts Work

Who can beagood psychologist for students? Who will understand, like nobody else, all the difficulties ofgrowingup, self-determination inprofession and life? Who will share all the joy and suffering from love and feel deeply all the stress during anexam period? Ofcourse, apeer will!

Such a conclusion was drawn by students of the Faculty of Psychology, who eventually organized the Student Psychological Service.

It is a community of active students who love their profession a lot, who are ready to share their knowledge, skills and competences. The main objectives of the Service are to ensure psychological coaching in professional and personal growth of students, to render psychological aid to foreign students in adaptation and interpersonal communication, to organize psychological aid to students’ families and to those students who live in university dormitories, to facilitate formation of personal and intellectual potential of students, to help psychology students develop practical skills and skills of organizing psychological services, to hold psychology awareness campaigns, including dissemination of psychological information and literature.

The ASU Student Psychological Service started their activities on March, 11 — that day saw the first step towards new professional horizons. Today, three months later, first intermediate results can be summed up. During this period, the Service has held a number of training courses on developing communication, leadership, teambuilding and stress management skills. The students became actively involved into the national campaign on drug abuse prevention and held a practical class with training elements, where they discussed the issues of addiction development and gave professional recommendations on detecting and preventing addiction.

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