Experts Commend ASU Students Theses in Philosophy

Experts Commend ASU Students Theses in Philosophy

The Faculty of Social Communications of Astrakhan State University saw a defense of five masters theses by the MA students of the major Social Philosophy.

Anton Lagunov, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences and a professor of the Department of Social Philosophy and Ethnic Studies of the Institute of Humanities of the North-Caucasus Federal University (Stavropol) who chaired the State Examination Commission, marked out a high level of the presented theses: four MA students out of five got "excellent" and one student got "good".

The research "Socio-philosophical aspects of post-, techno- and cybersociety" and "Sociocultural dynamics of religiosity in modern society" attracted the biggest interest of the audience due to the urgency of the issues under consideration and their relevance in modern science. They were marked as the best, along with the thesis "Socio-public dynamics of the development of the Russian state in the context of Russian philosophical thought".

The representatives of Astrakhan State University — Aleksandr Glazkov, the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Sergey Khrapov, the Head of the master’s degree programme, and Lyudmila Baeva, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Communications — congratulated the students on high marks and wished them further scientific growth.

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