ASU Holds Big Ethnographic Dictation

ASU Holds Big Ethnographic Dictation

OnNovember1, onthe eve ofUnity Day, Astrakhan State University brought together more than 70dictation participants tocheck their knowledge about the peoples that live inRussia.

The international campaign “Big Ethnographic Dictation” was held in 85 entities of Russia and in 42 foreign countries. Russian-speaking citizens of Russia and foreign states could demonstrate their level of ethnographic literacy regardless of their education, social status, religion, nationality and age.

The Big Ethnographic Dictation was organized by the Federal Agency for Nations’ Affairs and the Ministry of National Policy of the Udmurt Republic.

Astrakhan State University tested knowledge of students from the Historical Faculty, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social Communications, ASU staff members, citizens of Astrakhan and a special guest — Ilmira Utalieva, the Chair of Astrakhan Regional Duma Committee for Education, Culture, Science, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism.

It should be recalled that the dictation was organized at ASU by Elena Timofeeva, the Dean of the Historical Faculty, and Anastasiya Dorofeeva, the Deputy Dean for Pedagogical Activities.

The correct answers to the dictation tasks will be published on November 10, 2019, and each participant will be able to learn his/her results on the project website after December 12, 2019.

Russia has held the Big Ethnographic Dictation for four years, and now the campaign is on a par with such large all-Russia events as the Total Dictation and Geographical Dictation. In 2017, it received international status.

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