ASU College Students Take Part inPatriotic Events

ASU College Students Take Part inPatriotic Events

Our city has recently enjoyed aseries ofevents, dedicated tothe celebration ofthe third formation ofthe 28th Army, which involved, among other participants, college students ofAstrakhan State University.

The legendary 28th Army, which was formed in Astrakhan for the third time and fought off the attack of the German aggressors on the approaches to our city back in 1942, has celebrated its 77th anniversary.

About 60% of the ASU College students took part in a city-wide rally and patriotic forum, organized by the regional office of the Searching Movement of Russia.

The event was attended by top-officials of the city and region, students and schoolchildren of Astrakhan educational institutions and representatives of social organizations.

The Astrakhan youth was welcomed by Honorary Veteran and Honorary Citizen of Astrakhan Dmitry Yarenko, a participant of the Great Patriotic War, who urged to remember the history of the Great Victory and to respect the feat of our ancestors.

Oleg Shein, the author of the book Toward Astrakhan, told the audience about the battle route and the heroic feat of the 28th Army veterans.

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