The Roads WeChoose...: Bard Concert atASU

The Roads WeChoose...: Bard Concert atASU

Another concert, organized byparticipants ofthe student bard club under support ofexperienced performers, took the audience tothe atmosphere oftourist romance.

Yesterday’s evening is the fourth concert of the revived bard club at ASU, and with each meeting the club younger participants — students of different faculties of ASU — are becoming more and more active.

The topic of the concert — The roads we choose... seemed to appeal to tourist songs. However, the image of road was developed in all its variety in different songs about life choice, encounters and partings and, of course, travelling.

As usual, the ASU concert was attended by famous Astrakhan performers, who were glad to accompany and sing together with ASU teachers Dmitry Vasiliev, Vladimir Serbin, Tatiana Samarets, Danil Matveev and, of course, Anatoly Likhter, the inspiration of the bard movement at our university.

ASU Rector Konstantin Markelov performed Valery Bokov’s song Red Marshes, which he learnt while working for a student’s team in Kostroma, and Yuri Vizbor’s Night Road.

By the way, a New Year’s concert is preliminary planned for December 24, so follow the announcements on the ASU website.

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