ASU Representatives Report onEnvironmental Aspects ofCaspian Comprehensive Security

ASU Representatives Report onEnvironmental Aspects ofCaspian Comprehensive Security

Today, onNovember27, Moscow saw the 12th International Economic Forum Caspian Dialogue, 2019, which was held inthe A.N. Severtsov Institute ofEcology and Evolution ofthe Russian Academy ofSciences. The delegation ofAstrakhan State University, headed byRector Konstantin Markelov, presented their research findings and proposals atthe conference Innovations for Caspian Protection.

The International Economic Forum Caspian Dialogue is held each year under support and with active participation of the MFA Russia, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, Federal Agency for Tourism, Russian Academy of Sciences and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

The forum is aimed at development of international cooperation in studies, assessment and development of the Caspian resources, monitoring and joint effects in addressing natural, technogenic and geological risks, as well as a search for new methods of preservation and reproduction of the Caspian bioresources.

The forum events involve heads and experts of public authorities, oil and gas companies, scientific institutions, innovative organizations and industrial unions of the Caspian states. This year, representatives of Councils of young researchers of scientific and educational institutions and Councils of young specialists of oil and gas companies, working in the Caspian Sea, have been invited to participate as well.

The conference Innovations for Caspian Protection was the key event of the Caspian Dialogue, 2019. ASU Vice-Rector for Research Activities Anna Fedotova addressed the participants with the report Environmental Aspects of Comprehensive Security in Caspian Macroregion. In her speech, the Vice-Rector noted that integration of the scientific and research activities in the Caspian region and implementation of joint projects will allow to consider problematic issues from different perspectives.

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Photo: courtesy of Konstantin Markelov