Astrakhan State University Graduate Works ataJapanese Company

Astrakhan State University Graduate Works ataJapanese Company

Within the framework ofthe agreement between Astrakhan State University and Japanese leadingHR company Human Resocia, aprogramme for further employment ofAstrakhan HEI graduates isbeing implemented. Under the programme, inMarch, three young men went towork inTokyo, including Maxim Chudinov, agraduate ofthe Faculty ofDigital Technologies and Cybersecurity.

IT students learnt about the programme from their Dean’s office. Learning about the recruiting, the young man decided to try his hand: he talked to Alina Savinova, the project leader and an associate professor of the Department of Asian Languages, and attended a meeting where Japanese Company’s representatives made their presentation. Right after the presentation, the representatives selected new programme participants. Under the selection, applicants were to have an interview and solve a programming problem of the Olympiad type within two hours.

Once the tasks are successfully completed, the Company and students sign a contract on further employment followed by a three-month intensive course of the Japanese language delivered by Alina Savinova.

Upon the selection procedure termination, in early March, Maxim Chudinov became one of the first to go for a traineeship to Japan and to start working at an IT HR agency.

The cooperation agreement, aimed at increasing the level of Astrakhan youth employment, was signed in the summer of 2019 during the visit of the Japanese representatives to Astrakhan.

Directorate of Information Policy

Photo: Maxim Chudinov’s personal photo archive