ASU Representatives Provide Students with Professional Counselling

ASU Representatives Provide Students with Professional Counselling

Activists ofthe Student Psychological Service ofAstrakhan State University, supported bythe Faculty ofPsychology and ASU United Council ofStudents, have initiated creation ofananonymous Q&A session.

The service is available on VKontakte and is aimed at providing psychological aid to students, teachers and administrative staff of ASU. Those who need aid will get it from representatives of the Faculty of Psychology — psychologists Boris Kaygorodov, Irina Rakhmanina, NuriyaZinalieva, Larisa Timasheva and DilyaraYakovets.

In order to receive professional counselling, it is necessary to formulate a question and publish it on the page of the Student Psychological Service in the section “Suggest a post”. You’ll see the answer on the same page.

“We provide psychological aid to those who is suffering from emotional discomfort because of the necessity to observe quarantine due to the COVID-19 situation. Psychologists note that under conditions of self-isolation, when one have to stay at home, in the dormitory or flat —in a confined space, human social needs (the need to be important, relevant and useful)end upunrealized,” says Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Professor of the Department of General & Cognitive Psychology Boris Kaygorodov.

All publications are anonymous.

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