Konstantin Markelov Visits Student Garden ofAstrakhan State University

Konstantin Markelov Visits Student Garden ofAstrakhan State University

The ASU Rector visited the educational experimental facility, located inthe Nachalo village. Hechecked the results ofwork onenlargement ofthe area and expansion ofthe variety ofcultivated fruit cultures, and assessed the implementation ofthe project Astrakhan Gardens, the winner ofthe LUKOIL grant project.

Konstantin Markelov had a look at new varieties of trees in the garden and discussed recommendations on tillage and treatment of plants with his colleagues.

The ASU Rector noted that it is necessary to involve students and teachers of different faculties into the work on improvement of the area for research, introduction of new technologies and experience exchange, because the main objective of the Educational Experimental Facility “Nachalo” is integration of educational and production activities, aimed at training of highly skilled professionals of the agro-industrial complex.

Besides, Konstantin Markelovwas presented a nursery that was recently set out within the framework of the project “Astrakhan Gardens”.

As part of the visit, Konstantin Markelov also met with Head of the Astrakhan Branch of the Russian Agricultural Centre Viktor Shlyakhov. They discussed some issues of further cooperation between the university and the centre.

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Photo: Educational Experimental Facility Nachalo