ASU Department ofContinuing Education Completed Final Assessment ofTheir Students

ASU Department ofContinuing Education Completed Final Assessment ofTheir Students

This year, more than 200 students who successfully completed the study course intheir professional retraining programmes, were admitted for final examinations. Now, along with their diploma ofhigher education, they will receive one more document that gives them aright tocarry out anew type ofprofessional activity.

Mastering a professional retraining programme along with the studies in the higher education major gives a unique opportunity to get an additional qualification which can supplement the main one quite well and provide the student with knowledge, skills and competences in the new field, make him/her more competitive and in-demand in the labour market. It will also allow to enrich the already acquired competences and gain new ones, lay the foundation for the future career and strengthen professional positions in the future.

Soon, 210 graduates of the professional retraining programmes, offered by ASU to students, will enrich their portfolios with diplomas in the programmes “Legal Science”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Public and Municipal Administration”, “Service and Tourism”, “Methods of Teaching Foreign Language in General Education School”, etc.

It should be recalled that Astrakhan State University has already launched the 2020 admission campaign on professional retraining programmes. You can get information on additional educational programmes and conditions of their implementation online via the official website of the university or e-mail, as well as in the communities of the Department of Continuing Education in social media: Facebook, “”, “”, Instagram.

You can also submit your application for studying in a professional retraining programme in 2020/2021 online, using the link.

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