Konstantin Markelov Took Part inAll-Russia Voting

Konstantin Markelov Took Part inAll-Russia Voting

Today, the rector ofAstrakhan State University has made his choice concerning the amendments tothe Constitution ofthe Russian Federation. Hevisited Polling Station No.240, located inthe universitys main building.

Like all around the country, the station has been equipped according to new rules and norms, recommended by the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare and the Central Election Commission: the rooms are disinfected on a regular basis, citizens are taken the temperature and are provided with disposable facemasks, gloves and antiseptic agents. Passport data are checked from a distance.

“As a full-fledged citizen of my country, I have no right to ignore such an important event in Russian history as the nationwide voting on the constitutional amendments. I urge professors, administrative staff members and students of Astrakhan State University, as well as all fellow countrymen to express their civic position and come to the polling stations, particularly as they can do it on any convenient day from July 25 up to and including July 1”, noted Konstantin Markelov.

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