ASU Foreign Students Can Get Employed While Studying atUniversity

ASU Foreign Students Can Get Employed While Studying atUniversity

Today, Federal Law No. 16- OnIntroducing Amendments toFederal Law onLegal Status ofForeign Citizens inthe Russian Federation Concerning Simplification ofProcedure for Employment ofForeign and Stateless Students ofRussian Vocational and Higher Educational Institutions inRussia, supported bythe Russian Ministry ofScience and Higher Education, has entered into force.

Employers may hire foreign students who do an intramural study course in an accredited major at college or university without any employment permit or license. Students of Astrakhan State University will be able to work any time free of their studies, including beyond the RF region they study in.

Before the law entered into force, foreign students, having no employment permit or license, were allowed to work only during their holidays in their educational institutions or business entities and economic partnership, founded by the institutions they study at.

No, in order to conclude an employment contract or civil contract with the employer, they only need to present a document from the university (college) that certifies that they study in Russia. In this case, the employer will not have to get a permit for involvement and employment of foreign workers. The contract will be terminated once the foreign citizen completes his/her study course.

Directorate of Information Policy

Source: materials of the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education