ASU Students Check Their Knowledge ofRussian

ASU Students Check Their Knowledge ofRussian

Acampaign, dedicated toInternational Literacy Day, which iscelebrated byUNESCO onSeptember, 8every year, has taken place infront ofthe entrance tothe ASU main building.

The interactive event was initiated by student club “All-Russia People’s Front Youth” and the United Council of Students.

Since morning, activists held a quiz for everyone interested. Students, professors and administrative staff of ASU answered questions on Russian and received branded gifts from “All-Russia People’s Front Youth”.

Using the test, the organizers reminded the participants of the spelling and grammar rules, helped work out challenging cases and identified the knowledge level of today’s students.

Besides, as the participants noted, the notion of literacy is not narrowed down to the knowledge of language.

“Of course, a person, doing a higher education programme in any major, must speak and write correctly. However, we also want our students to be competent in everything, and we try and help them, especially first-year students. For example, as for legal literacy, the ASU Law Faculty runs a special legal clinic twice a week, where students can have a consultation concerning the statutory compliance,” stressed Dean of the Law Faculty Elena Savelieva.

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