Bachelor & Specialist Programs

List of 2018 Bachelor & Specialist Programs for Foreign Citizens & Individuals without Citizenship (Specifying Entrance Examinations to Be Taken)

Minimal Acceptable Score Rates of Obtained Results of Entrance Examinations in 2018

To be enrolled for a bachelor or a specialist program at Astrakhan State University on self-paid terms, the following forms of a contract of education are available:

  • Payment for education by an individual (a bilateral contract);

  • Payment for education by a legal entity, including commitments shared with an individual (a trilateral contract).

To find out the current precise cost of studies for a particular bachelor or specialist program, please contact the Unit of International Relations:

Address: Room #114, 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.

Phones: +7-8512-61-08-90 (fax), +7-8512-61-08-41, +7-8512-61-09-58.


You may also contact the Unit of Paid Educational Services (if you speak Russian):

Address: Room #122, 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.

Phone: +7-8512-61-08-53.

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