Master Programs



Russia’s joining the Bologna Process in 2003 among 23 European countries made it necessary to switch the Russian system of higher education to the two-stage educational process – bachelor programs as the first stage and master programs as the second stage.

Since 2010, all the main educational programs within the Russian system of higher education are delivered as per the third-generation federal state educational standards, thus fully complying with this two-level system.

Master programs provide the following benefits for anyone who has covered one of them:

  • They stimulate career growth and make it possible to realize one’s professional skills efficiently both in one’s home country and outside it;
  • They form skills of project-aimed and research work; they develop creative thinking, communicability, and leadership qualities;
  • They make it possible for bachelors to enhance their professional competencies in the field they have studied when covering a bachelor program, or to change their professional sphere and obtain high-quality education in a new field.

Nowadays Astrakhan State University is:

  • One of Eastern Europe’s most dynamically developing innovative universities;
  • A university with a well-developed high-tech infrastructure, which includes, in particular, the Regional Center of Nanotechnologies and Nanoindustry, a whole number of small innovative enterprises, and the Caspian Facility of Innovations & Technologies;
  • One of Russia’s 16 basic universities that form the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; a full member of the Association of Universities of the Caspian Region;
  • Harvard University’s pilot site to deliver an educational program in international competitiveness in Russia; host of the UNESCO Chair “Learning Society & Social Sustainable Development”, which aims to form a regional system of continuing education.

Astrakhan State University delivers 91 master programs in 35 specializations in the field of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, and Technology.

Master programs delivered at Astrakhan State University include the double-diploma system of international master programs, whose alumni obtain two master diplomas at once – a diploma issued by a well-known non-Russian university of official standard and a Russian diploma of Russian federal standard.

: 25-01-2019,