Students' Cossack Unit

Our Students’ Cossack Unit is a youth patriotic association. Any student of ASU is welcome to join us.

Our goal is renaissance of the Cossack community as a unique cultural and ethnic community that developed throughout the history by preserving and promoting the Cossack culture, as well as educating young patriots.

Three sections operate at our Cossack Unit:

  • Sport and military training: hand-to-hand fight; line and weapons training; topographic, combat engineering, and medical activities; organization and participation in sports competitions and regional events.
  • Media volunteering: training teams of journalists, photographers, and videographers; coverage of events arranged by the Cossack Unit.
  • Culture: teaching the traditional Cossack dancing and singing, playing the traditional Cossack games; organization of cultural events; promoting the Russian and the Cossack culture among young people.

Sherstyukov, Georgy Vladimirovich


: 21-01-2019,