Unit of Organizational & Methodical Support

Remizova, Nailya Usmanovna
PhD in Pedagogics, Associate Professor – Chief

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Our Unit was officially opened at Astrakhan State University as a special division that aims to arrange the delivery of professional training and retraining programs on the base of higher education.

Our activities dwell on unique 25-year-old experience of extra professional training and retraining programs gained by ASU; we apply both innovative educational technologies and our long-lasting pedagogical traditions. The range of our techniques includes the most modern principles of curriculum arrangement, up-to-date practice-oriented and information technologies. Besides their main educational programs, students of our University can obtain an extra qualification by covering our training programs.

As for our professional retraining programs available, they aim to provide an extra qualification necessary for a specialist to master a new sort of their professional activities. At the end of such programs, a trainee is supposed to defend their final project, or to take a final exam. Upon their completion of a retraining program, a trainee is granted a certificate of official standard that entitles them to perform a new sort of their professional activities on a legal basis.

Our short-term retraining programs are delivered as short-term thematic studies to obtain new professional skills or to research the relevant issues of professional activities. Upon their program completion, a trainee is granted a short-term retraining certificate.

The modern methodological principles of studies at our Institute contribute to:

  • Practical orientation of studies;

  • Mastering innovative management technologies;

  • Prompt update and optimization of professional education to meet the demand at the labor market;

  • Increased professional mobility of graduates of our Institute;

  • Application of the most modern additional professional education tendencies, which aim at professional and personal development.

The main tasks of our Unit are as follows:

  • To enhance professionalism and competences of our trainees;

  • To generalize and promote innovative technologies of professional education;

  • To improve the quality of professional training that is performed at our University.

Our Institute trains and retrains people on the base of already obtained complete and incomplete higher education, secondary general and secondary professional education to deliver them additional professional educational programs.

The key factors of our successful performance are:

  • A wide variety of programs available;

  • Practice-oriented studies;

  • Cluster teaching;

  • Advanced teaching;

  • Mobility;

  • Provision of maximally comfortable conditions for studies.


Address: Room #19, 96 Sofyi Perovskoy Str., Astrakhan 414004 Russia.

Phone: +7-8512-24-68-18 (Chief); +7-8512-24-68-19.

E-mail: omodepno@yandex.ru

: 28-11-2018,