Innovative Technological Center "Biotechnologies to Obtain Original Pharmaceutical Substance"

Innovative Technological Center of Agricultural Industrial Technologies & Nutrition

Innovative Technological Center to Create Multimedia Content

Innovative Technological Center “Rational Application of Natural Resources”

Cultural Center

LinguaEngineering International Innovative Center

Research Center for Youth-Related Activities

Research & Educational Center "Alternative Energy"

Asteco Research & Educational Center

Research & Educational Center "Caspian Higher School of Interpreting & Translation"

Research & Educational Center of Institute of Humanities

Research & Educational Center of Molecular Biology & Bioengineering

Regional Innovative Center of Catering & Healthy Nutrition

Regional Center of High School Students’ Training in Science & Technology

Casa Caspian Nova French-Russian Center of Applied Computer Science & Information Control Systems of the Future

Center of Geoinformation Systems

Center of Research of History of Lower Volga Region during Soviet Period

Center of Chinese Language & Culture

Center of Cognitive Researches & Technologies

Center of Creative Industries

Center of Linguistic Expertise

Center of Linguistic Education

Center of Mediation & Law

Center of International Tests in French Language

Center of International & Public Political Research "Caspian Sea Region – Eurasia"

Center of Viable Technologies in Electronics & Robotics

Center of Career Planning

Center of Students’ Creativity

Center of Turkish Language

Center of Functional Nutrition

Center for Functional Magnetic Materials

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