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Information for Foreign Citizens Who Wish to Study at ASU Preliminary Training Unit for Foreign Citizens


ASU Preliminary Training Unit for Foreign Citizens announces the beginning of the admission campaign for 2021-2022 academic year.

The Preliminary Training Unit trains foreign citizens who do not know Russian and are eligible to enter the higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation, with an appropriate document on education for additional educational programs ensuring preparation for undertaking professional educational programs in Russian.  

During the academic year the attendants will study Russian as a foreign language (612 hours) and subjects of humanity, engineering and technology, medicine and biology, natural science and economics (614 hours), which will ensure proper pre-university training for getting higher education in the higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

The enrollment for the 2021-2022 academic year will be held in two stages:

- the first stage – July 01, 2021 – August 01, 2021;

- the second stage - August 01, 2021- September 01, 2021.

The first stage of the enrollment campaign involves collection of information on the foreign citizens who wish to study at the programs of pre-university training at ASU Preliminary Training Unit for Foreign Citizens. To be included in the base of prospective attendants and to participate in the candidates selection a foreign citizen who wants to study in Russian universities and who does not know Russian, is to send (personally or by a representative acting on the base of an attested POA) to the copies of the following documents:

  • foreign travel passport (the page with the person’s photo and signature);
  • document on education.

After the selection procedure a candidates list is formed.

The second stage of enrollment includes issuing invitations for the training.  

For that purpose instructions for paying the state duty for the invitation issuing will be forwarded to the foreign citizen, who has passed the selection, or his representative in the territory of the Russian Federation, after the decision on the possibility to arrive to the Russian Federation (official opening of the RF border for foreign citizens). After the payment is effected, the original of the payment slip must be submitted to the following address: ASU Foreign Student Office, office 114, Tatishchev 20a street, Astrakhan 414056, Russia.

Besides, the candidate is to forward the following documents to

- "questionnaire for the Invitation";

- application for issuing the invitation for a foreign citizen to enter the Russian Federation to study at an educational organization (form 1 - when the application is submitted by a foreign citizen, form 2 - when the application is submitted by a representative holding a power of attorney);

- applicant’s card;

- a scanned copy of the first page of the ID (passport) with a photo and personal signature of a foreign citizen;

- a copy of the medical assessment report on the absence of contraindications for studying in the Russian Federation and on the absence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and AIDS;

- medical report on the absence of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Please note that in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation for issuing the invitation to study at the educational organization the ID of a foreign citizen shall not expire earlier than in 18 months from the date of commencement of the expected term of stay.

When the Foreign Student Office receives the payment slip and the translated documents, it initiates the issuing of the invitation and informs the candidate of that in writing.


After receiving the invitation the foreign citizen must address to the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the state of his/her stay for obtaining a visa. After that the applicant can buy tickets to get to the training venue.

It is not unlikely, that because of the coronavirus COVID-19 the form of training can be changed. In this case, the paid educational services agreement will be concluded in the remote mode and the classes in the first trimester will be held with the use of the remote educational technologies after the contract is paid and the payment slip is received.  




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