International Academic Mobility

International academic mobility implies studies and training of ASU students at foreign universities, as well as foreign students’ studies and training at ASU.

This notion does not imply a long (over one year) period of studies abroad.

International academic mobility provides students, professors, and researchers with a real opportunity to cover a practical training program or deliver lectures at a university that is our official partner over a particular period; upon completion of their academic mobility program, they are to return to their alma mater.

The tasks of students’ academic mobility are as follows:

  • Enhancement of the quality of special training as part of their academic and individual research activities;
  • Contribution to adaptation opportunities as the educational space is currently undergoing substantial changes;
  • Development of communicative competences based on learning foreign languages and staying in a foreign language-speaking environment;
  • Provision of a higher level of qualifications to be obtained by a student.

As for professors and other university staffers, they are sent to the universities that are our official partners to give lectures, deliver classes, consult, participate in joint research activities, cover training for trainers programs, and take part in conferences and seminars.

Programs of academic mobility at ASU are delivered as part of inter-university agreements, as well as thanks to our participation in the European Union programme “Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals – Credit Mobility”.

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