Volunteers ofAstrakhan State University Approve Themselves atSELIAS-2020

Volunteers ofAstrakhan State University Approve Themselves atSELIAS-2020

Students ofthe ASU Faculty ofPsychology Anastasia Vlasova and Anastasia Startseva, who are leaders ofsquad Onthe Wings ofGoodness, joined the international youth project platform within the volunteering track.

As Anastasia Startseva says, participating in SELIAS forum, she not only met new people and had plenty of emotions but also learnt a lot about project activities. Besides, the student says she worked a lot on honing her communication skills.

Head of the ASU volunteering squad “On the Wings of Goodness” Anastasia Vlasova has participated in SELIAS forum for three years in a row and always looks forward to another call for participation. This year, as the student says, she has chosen the social track, which is connected, above all, with her extracurricular activities.

One of the events the student remembered most of all was a meeting of the volunteering squad “On the Wings of Goodness” with experts of the scientific and practical centre of child rehabilitation “Remedy & Development”, with participants of educational tracks “Social Volunteering” and “Inclusive Volunteering”, and with Chair of the Council of Volunteering Centres Association Artem Metelev.

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