Astrakhan Cadets Assemble Robots together with ASU Scientists

Astrakhan Cadets Assemble Robots together with ASU Scientists

Today, onOctober14, representatives ofthe Center for Development ofModern Competences inChildren House ofScientific Collaboration named after V.K. Trediakovsky and the Center ofViable Technologies inElectronics &Robotics ofAstrakhan State University held aunique relay-like master class for pupils ofthe Cossack Cadet Corps named after I.A. Biryukov.

The career-guidance event involved schoolchildren of the 5-11th grades. From the very beginning, the children merged into the atmosphere of creativity and could show their engineering abilities. The cadets formed teams, and each participant had 30 seconds to take their turn to come up to the table, read the instruction, find a necessary piece and, if they still had some time left, to assemble it. Then the participant returned to the team, and another one made for the table and continued the work of his/her team. As a result, they had to assemble a walking robot. The team who was the first to assemble and activate it won the competition.

Scientists of Astrakhan State University hold such events on a regular basis. There schoolchildren learn about the university’s facilities and modern promising majors, and unlock their talents and abilities.

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